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Creation Lectures have been used in schools, churches and a wide variety of settings with great success. These DVDs now allow you to hear and see the lectures also. Listen to what others have said about the Creation Lectures…

Dr. Turner’s lectures expose the paucity of evidence for evolution and the underlying philosophy of naturalism that drives the scientific community to “religiously” cling to the theory. The best part of Stew Turner’s persuasive presentation is his extensive use of quotes of the evolutionists themselves. He show “in their own words” the inconsistencies of their logic and conclusions.
~ Rev. Doug Sukhia
Armor Bible Presbyterian Church, Orchard Park, NY

Dr. Turner’s course on creation is a must for any Christian that has grown up in the school system of the last 50 years. He presents plenty of scientific evidence that corroborates what the Bible has been telling us all along. He also show us how evolution itself, is more of a religion than a science, which debunks the belief that evolution is science and creation is religion. I highly recommend this course for anyone willing to listen. It has truly been a blessing to me and the congregation.”
~ Rev. Timothy J. Hammons
Redeemer Christian Fellowship, Roswell, NM

Stew Turner’s Lecture Series on the “Biblical and Scientific Evidences for Creation” is an outstanding study for both youth and adults that can work well in either a school or church setting. Stew’s eye popping slide presentation, his well researched study of the Bible, and his study of current Scientific thinking not only challenges the evolutionary ideas taught through the secular educational system, but it reveals why accepting the book of Genesis as literal history and truth is absolutely foundational for all Christian doctrine and even the Gospel of Jesus Christ.“
~Rev. Dennis Shackleford, Reformed University Ministries, Lawrenceville, GA

Dr. Turner offers a caring ministry with high energy and engaging teaching. He has great pictures to add interest. He answers the tough questions and presents the most current, up-to-date information!”
~Rev. E. Bennett Robinson
Wilson Presbyterian Church, Clairton, PA

We have hosted Dr. Turner for many years at our annual Creation Conference which has been well received. We are so glad that we can now have Dr. Turner available anytime on DVD for use in Sunday School and small groups.”
~Rev. Mark Turner
Oakbrook Community Church (PCA), Summerville, SC