Each DVD contains two thirty minute lectures and a short photographic introduction. Each DVD also includes several PDF files which can be downloaded and printed as handouts to supplement the lectures on each DVD. The files include:


  • Lecture outlines
  • Bibliography (references)
  • Lecture Questions w/Answers
  • Photo Intro Locations
  • Lecture Questions only
  • Ways to Use Lectures
  • List of 36 Lectures
  • Note from the Speaker
All of the most important handouts on each DVD (the outlines, questions and bibliographies) are available below:


DVD #1 The Relevance of Genesis (Bibliography DVD #1)     (DVD #1 Photo Locations)
A — The Relevance of Genesis to ChristianityOrder DVDs
(Outline 1A)     (1A Questions & Answers)    (1A Questions only)
B — The Relevance of Genesis to a Biblical Worldview
(Outline 1B)     (1B Questions & Answers)    (1B Questions only)

DVD #2 The Real Age of the Earth (Bibliography DVD #2)     (DVD #2 Photo Locations)
A — The Age of the Earth based on Radioactive Dating
(Outline 2A)     (2A Questions & Answers)    (2A Questions only)
B — The Age of the Earth based on Physical Processes
(Outline 2B)     (2B Questions & Answers)    (2B Questions only)

DVD #3 Controversy Between Evolution and Creation (Bibliography DVD #3)     (DVD #3 Photo Locations)
A — Evolution vs. Creation: The Controversy
(Outline 3A)     (3A Questions & Answers)    (3A Questions only)
B — Evolution vs. Creation: The Scientific and Cultural Issues
(Outline 3B)     (3B Questions & Answers)    (3B Questions only)

DVD #4 God Created the Universe (Bibliography DVD #4)     (DVD #4 Photo Locations)
A — God Created the Stars in the Universe
(Outline 4A)     (4A Questions & Answers)    (4A Questions only)
B — God Created the Planets in the Universe
(Outline 4B)     (4B Questions & Answers)    (4B Questions only)

DVD #5 Can Life Arise from Non-Life?  (Bibliography DVD #5)     (DVD #5 Photo Locations)
A — Can Life Arise from Non-Life?
(Outline 5A)     (5A Questions & Answers)    (5A Questions only)
B — The Mathematical Probability of Life by Chance
(Outline 5B)     (5B Questions & Answers)    (5B Questions only)

DVD #6 Biogenetic Evidence Supports Creation  (Bibliography DVD #6)     (DVD #6 Photo Locations)
A — Biogenetic Information Supports Creation
(Outline 6A)     (6A Questions & Answers)    (6A Questions only)
B — Natural Selection and Mutations confirm Biogenesis
(Outline 6B)     (6B Questions & Answers)    (6B Questions only)

DVD #7: Fixity of “Kinds” and Species  (Bibliography DVD #7)     (DVD #7 Photo Locations)
A — Lack of Transitional Fossils Shows Fixity of Kinds
(Outline 7A)     (7A Questions & Answers)    (7A Questions only)
B — Living Fossils Show Fixity of Kinds
(Outline 7B)     (7B Questions & Answers)    (7B Questions only)

DVD #8: From Early Mammals to Man  (Bibliography DVD #8)     (DVD #8 Photo Locations)
A — Did Mammals Evolve into Man?
(Outline 8A)     (8A Questions & Answers)    (8A Questions only)
B — Why Man has Always Been Man
(Outline 8B)     (8B Questions & Answers)    (8B Questions only)

DVD #9: What About Those Dinosaurs?  (Bibliography DVD #9)     (DVD #9 Photo Locations)
A — What Does History Tell Us about Dinosaurs?
(Outline 9A)     (9A Questions & Answers)    (9A Questions only)
B — What Does Recent Data Tell Us about Dinosaurs?
(Outline 9B)     (9B Questions & Answers)    (9B Questions only)

DVD #10: Rocks and Fossils Tell of Catastrophe  (Bibliography DVD #10)     (DVD #10 Photo Locations)
A — Rocks and Fossils Tell of Global Catastrophe
(Outline 10A)     (10A Questions & Answers)    (10A Questions only)
B — Physical Evidence Tells of Recent Catastrophe
(Outline 10B)     (10B Questions & Answers)    (10B Questions only)

DVD #11: Geologic Ages Negated by Genesis Flood  (Bibliography DVD #11)     (DVD #11 Photo Locations)
A — Rocks and Fossils Deposited Rapidly by Flood
(Outline 11A)     (11A Questions & Answers)    (11A Questions only)
B — Evidence of a recent Genesis Flood
(Outline 11B)     (11B Questions & Answers)    (11B Questions only)

DVD #12: Scientific Explanation for Genesis Flood  (Bibliography DVD #12)     (DVD #12 Photo Locations)
A — Scientific Explanation for Genesis Flood
(Outline 12A)     (12A Questions & Answers)    (12A Questions only)
B — Widespread Evidence for Genesis Flood
(Outline 12B)     (12B Questions & Answers)    (12B Questions only)

DVD #13: Mt St Helens: Testimony to a Young Earth  (Bibliography DVD #13)     (DVD #13 Photo Locations)
A — Mt St Helens Shows Rapid Coal Formation
(Outline 13A)     (13A Questions & Answers)    (13A Questions only)
B — Mt St Helens Shows Rapid Rock and Canyon Formation
(Outline 13B)     (13B Questions & Answers)    (13B Questions only)

DVD #14: Grand Canyon was Formed Rapidly  (Bibliography DVD #14)     (DVD #14 Photo Locations)
A — How the Grand Canyon Was Formed
(Outline 14A)     (14A Questions & Answers)    (14A Questions only)
B — Evidence the Grand Canyon Was Formed Rapidly
(Outline 14B)     (14B Questions & Answers)    (14B Questions only)

DVD #15: Understanding the Ice Age  (Bibliography DVD #15)     (DVD #15 Photo Locations)
A — Genesis Flood Caused the Ice Age
(Outline 15A)     (15A Questions & Answers)    (15A Questions only)
B — Events During the Recent Ice Age
(Outline 15B)     (15B Questions & Answers)    (15B Questions only)

DVD #16: Evidences of Design in Nature  (Bibliography DVD #16)     (DVD #16 Photo Locations)
A — Evidence of Design in Birds and Insects
(Outline 16A)     (16A Questions & Answers)    (16A Questions only)
B — Evidence of Design in Mammals and Plants
(Outline 16B)     (16B Questions & Answers)    (16B Questions only)

DVD #17: The Laws of Science Support Creation  (Bibliography DVD #17)     (DVD #17 Photo Locations)
A — The 5 Basic Laws of Science Support Creation
(Outline 17A)     (17A Questions & Answers)    (17A Questions only)
B — The Universe Obeys the Natural Laws of God
(Outline 17B)     (17B Questions & Answers)    (17B Questions only)

DVD #18: The Significance of Noah’s Ark  (Bibliography DVD #18)     (DVD #18 Photo Locations)
A — The Feasibility of Noah’s Ark
(Outline 18A)     (18A Questions & Answers)    (18A Questions only)
B — The Impact of the Ark on Civilization
(Outline 18B)     (18B Questions & Answers)    (18B Questions only)

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