The Biblical and Scientific Evidence for Creation


This comprehensive series of 18 DVDs is packaged in three Sets of six DVDs each. You may purchase one, two, or all three Sets. Each Set of six DVDs contains 12 thirty minute lectures suitable for use in a three month or one quarter classroom setting. Any lecture or group of lectures can also be used in a stand-alone setting or at a one-time event. You may pick and choose from the wide range of topics described below. The lectures cover all of the major topics involving Creation and Evolution.

Each numbered DVD (or Session), stands alone for presentation in any sequence to match your interest. The numbered DVDs are presented in two parts, designated as A & B. Each lecture is 30-35 minutes in duration and is designed to be used in the A-B sequence. Listed below are the titles and topics for each DVD. You may also click on Ways to Use to aid you in selecting the best DVDs to match your different interests and specific topics.

Approximately 1000 colorful Power Point slides are used in the lectures to provide a professional medium to assist in the explanation of both scientific and biblical points. The speaker uses his own photographs to show the many characteristics of God’s Creation at the beginning and ending of each lecture. In addition to the two lectures on each DVD, each DVD also includes a continuously looping Photo Intro with 28 more of Dr Stew’s photos which display various aspects of God’s Creation. This Photo Intro can be used as a musical prelude to any lecture.

Each DVD also includes several PDF files which can be downloaded and printed as handouts to supplement the lectures on each DVD. The files include:

  • Lecture outlines
  • Bibliography (references)
  • Lecture Questions w/Answers
  • Photo Intro Locations
  • Lecture Questions only
  • Ways to Use Lectures
  • List of 36 Lectures
  • Note from the Speaker

SET 1 : includes DVDs #1 — 6 with 12 lectures:

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DVD #1: The Relevance of Genesis
A — The Relevance of Genesis to Christianity
B — The Relevance of Genesis to a Biblical WorldviewDVD #2: The Real Age of the Earth
A — The Age of the Earth based on Radioactive Dating
B — The Age of the Earth based on Physical Processes

DVD #3: Controversy Between Evolution and Creation
A — Evolution vs. Creation: The Controversy
B — Evolution vs. Creation: The Scientific and Cultural Issues

DVD #4: God Created the Universe
A — God Created the Stars in the Universe
B — God Created the Planets in the Universe

DVD #5: Can Life Arise from Non-Life?
A — Can Life Arise from Non-Life?
B — The Mathematical Probability of Life by Chance

DVD #6: Biogenetic Evidence Supports Creation
A — Biogenetic Information Supports Creation
B — Natural Selection and Mutations confirm Biogenesis[/div]

SET 2 : includes DVDs #7 — 12 with 12 lectures:

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DVD #7: Fixity of “Kinds” and Species
A — Lack of Transitional Fossils Shows Fixity of Kinds
B — Living Fossils Show Fixity of KindsDVD #8: From Early Mammals to Man
A — Did Mammals Evolve into Man?
B — Why Man has Always Been Man

DVD #9: What About Those Dinosaurs?
A — What Does History Tell Us about Dinosaurs?
B — What Does Recent Data Tell Us about Dinosaurs?

DVD #10: Rocks and Fossils Tell of Catastrophe
A — Rocks and Fossils Tell of Global Catastrophe
B — Physical Evidence Tells of Recent Catastrophe

DVD #11: Geologic Ages Negated by Genesis Flood
A — Rocks and Fossils Deposited Rapidly by Flood
B — Evidence of a recent Genesis Flood

DVD #12: Scientific Explanation for Genesis Flood
A — Scientific Explanation for Genesis Flood
B — Widespread Evidence for Genesis Flood

SET 3: includes DVDs #13 — 18 with 12 lectures:

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DVD #13: Mt St Helens: Testimony to a Young Earth
A — Mt St Helens Shows Rapid Coal Formation
B — Mt St Helens Shows Rapid Rock and Canyon FormationDVD #14: Grand Canyon was Formed Rapidly
A — How the Grand Canyon Was Formed
B — Evidence the Grand Canyon Was Formed Rapidly

DVD #15: Understanding the Ice Age
A — Genesis Flood Caused the Ice Age
B — Events During the Recent Ice Age

DVD #16: Evidences of Design in Nature
A — Evidence of Design in Birds and Insects
B — Evidence of Design in Mammals and Plants

DVD #17: The Laws of Science Support Creation
A — The 5 Basic Laws of Science Support Creation
B — The Universe Obeys the Natural Laws of God

DVD #18: The Significance of Noah’s Ark
A — The Feasibility of Noah’s Ark
B — The Impact of the Ark on Civilization